Avi's Vision

Avi Reichental has been in the business of innovation for decades. Aside from parallel entrepreneur, active venture investor and maker, he is also a disruptive thinker who shares his ideas with the public through multiple channels. As a speaker and writer, Avi specializes in taking complex concepts, breaking them down and demonstrating how they can be applied in the real world.

Avi’s experience and background put him in a unique position to discuss the impact of the convergence of exponential technologies like generative design, 3D printing, robotics and Artificial Intelligence on our lives. He has the knowledge needed to separate the dream from the reality, and the creativity and decades of experience needed to imagine the unimaginable.

His vision of the future is both down to earth and thought provoking. With an optimistic and adventurous approach, Avi helps his viewers, readers, and listeners better understand what the future holds and get excited about being part of making it a reality.

Speaking Engagements

Avi Reichental Provides A Glimpse Into The Future of Exponential Technology

In his engaging talks, Avi Reichental discusses the true meaning of living in an era of hyper-connectivity and exponential technology. He shares his insights about existing technologies, their current and future applications, and their impact on different aspects of our lives.


Avi Reichental Discusses the Technologies of Tomorrow

As a serial inventor and leading executive in the exponential tech sector, Avi is often invited to discuss the challenges and benefits of innovation. The following interviews examine the dynamic relationship between society and technology from several perspectives.


Spreading the Word About Exponential Technologies

As a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a regular contributor to Money Inc, TechCrunch and Fortune, Avi Reichental shares his vision on the future of 3D Printing, AI, IoT and several other innovative technologies.